One of the main objectives of SEO experts is to rank the website and watch the webpage drive straight to the top of the search engine results. However, there are many strategies that SEO professionals can use to make the SEO strategies work. The most reliable and authenticated SEO professionals rely on keywords, web content, programming, and other legal ways of implementing SEO to the website. One such technique for this implementation is Off-page white hat process that uses procedures that are ethical to rank the website or get more traffic.

However, others go on the wrong track by deploying some banned strategies to help the site rank higher. Some of such policies that can get a web business halted by the top search engines include the gray hat SEO strategies.

Off-page White hat Plans

These are Google friendly plans that are approved strategies that an SEO expert can use to keep the site at par with the Google algorithmic updates. There are many parameters to the off-page white hat strategy, starting with the quality of the content that is the core substance of any high-traffic website. The focus is to create high-quality rich content with the search queries in mind rather than the search engines. Often this includes creating lengthy and relevant high-grade content to enhance the organic traffic and limit the bounce back rate.

Another strategy involves creating powerful backlinks that are one of the prime factors to have a winning SEO plan. Not only backlinks direct to the websites, but they also add the element of authority and traffic to the web business.

The approach includes building and maintaining an organized and structures website so that Google spiders can easily capture all the relevant content. The technique comprises of making sure the website hierarchy is clear. Including a sitemap on your website is one way to achieve this structure. Meta tags are another reliable technique in this SEO strategy by using the meta tags description and titles, which is most applicable to the content on your website.

All these off-page white hat strategies follow proper techniques and plan for long term running of the website where the purpose is to rank and generate the traffic of the website ethically rather than to go for short cuts. Gray hat SEO may temporarily get the results, but in the long run, can get the site banned and removed from all search engine results.

Gray hat SEO Plans

One practice that is common and banned is the Black hat SEO plans that are entirely for the search engine manipulation and have no concern to what the user is searching. While search engines are penalizing the sites that use Black hat SEO plans, some SEO experts are deploying the Gray hat SEO Plans, that does not fall in either the white hat and black hat practises, and the severity of the consequences of using the Grey hat approach is less than the banned Black hat SEO techniques.

Gray Hat SEO is challenging to define. It is not something separating Black Hat and White Hat, but rather the strategy is to use tactics/procedures which continue to be in a form that is not explicitly prohibited by the search engines, and using the techniques will not put the site at the risk of violating the search engine guidelines. SEO programmers use the method to dodge the rules yet use some shortcuts to rank the website.

While the strategy to add more content, buying old domains, using web directories can all be part of the gray hat SEO, it is something to avoid, and if the site is getting great results from white hat SEO, they should stick to doing the SEO the right way.