Are you worried about the lack of visitors to your newly launched website even though you are promoting some of the most popular products through it? The harsh reality is that your website needs to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) whenever someone searches online for products you are promoting. The rules of SEO (search engine optimization) have changed a lot in the past decade or so. The anti-spam team of Google, the leading search engine of the world, have implemented many changes in its algorithms. This prevents websites, using black hat tactics such as link farming, from being indexed and appearing on the search results. Apart from this, it is important to adapt the latest modifications of Google to ensure that your page gets a high ranking. Here are some of the important things the agency to whom you have provided the job of optimizing your site needs to adhere to.

Responsive design: Your website should be designed in such a way so that it can detect the type of device used for searching the net, and deliver an appropriate page. Remember, nearly 75 percent of individuals nowadays depend on their net enabled smartphones to surf the net. If your website does not boast of responsive design, it will not display properly on their displays. In such a scenario, these individuals will browse a different website. Hence, responsive design is important, even if your website appears at the top of the SERP when people search for keywords and key phrases associated with it.

Content is king: Google loves websites that have rich and relevant content, updated on a regular basis. If the agency you have entrusted to optimize your online store does not offer this, seek the help of a professional writer, familiar with the niche of the products you are promoting online, to write engaging articles, peppered with relevant keywords and key phrases and hand them over to your SEO agency so that they can upload it on your website. The content should be written in such a manner that it provides accurate and comprehensive details about your products, as well as should be search engine optimized. This ensures that both humans and Google love the content. This can significantly boost the rankings of your site.

Fast server: Nobody loves to wait for more than a second or two for a website to load on their device. Choosing a hosting company that offers high-speed bandwidth and also makes mirrors of your website on different servers around the globe ensures faster “ping” time (the time is taken for a server to receive a request from a browser and send necessary information back to the browser). This means that your website appears on their device almost immediately after they have clicked the search button. You should also choose an agency that offers a server uptime of99.99%. This ensures that visitors do not face a 404 error when attempting to visit your site.

Link building: This is unarguably one of the most vital components of search engine optimization. This is the procedure of getting backlinks from other websites to that of yours. Remember, the other website should be of the same niche as that of yours and should also have a higher page ranking than your site. This increases the chances of people visiting those websites to find your online site by clicking on the hyperlink. The search engine to indexes this hyperlink, when its spiders crawl through the pages of the site containing your backlink. The greater the number of such hyperlinks, the higher the chances of the increase of the SERP of your website. The always evolving and complex algorithms of Google are extremely complex. However, backlinks play an important role in how the search engine determines how sites rank for specific keywords. Backlinks are a signal to the search engine giant that your website is a quality resource and is worthy of citation. Due to this, sites that have more inbound links typically achieve higher rankings. Remember, a link from an authoritative website such as the Wall Street Journal will have a much more positive impact on the SERP rankings of your website that links small and un-authoritative websites. It is the job of the SEO agency you have entrusted the job of optimizing your website to carry out this time consuming and search intensively.